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Working in Isolation Diary - Day 57: Space Age Love Song

Dear Diary: Am I living in one of those sad little dystopian futures I've seen in sci-fi movies over the decades? Will I need to take up archery or convert my four door sports sedan into some kind of Mad Max post apocalyptic contraption?

I am telling you right now, I will look awful in leather chaps and hockey gear!

I say NAY!

I refuse to be believe this!

Instead of becoming marauding bands of lunatics looking for guzz-o-line and toilet paper, just stay home and ... dance? Sure! Why not?! Go Footloose style.

Today's Song: Today's song goes out to Ginny, Astrid and all the folks who read my last post and got up to dance during isolation!

In an example of "AGE MEANS NOTHING", I present Space Age Love Song from A Flock of Seagulls with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (filmed in 2018) ... yes, these guys are still rockin'!

Today's Photo: Wedding weekend in Perkins Cove, Maine in 2012. We were milling around with the bride and groom when this fabulous car swung by with the coolest passenger. The sharpness is questionable, but it's one of my favorite shots from that weekend.

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