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Working in Isolation Diary - Day 52 : The Haircut

Dear Diary: Two things happened this week past week in the never ending corona-virus saga.

(1) My wife gave me a haircut. I too join the ranks of other males on my block sporting a less than stellar hair style. To be honest, for her first attempt, it's not bad (except for the tiny alien crop circles on the right side of my head).

(2) My wife and I reached a new level of "isolation madness". If you look below you will see a dancing hot dog and a music video from Bilie Eilish.

Play the song and watch the hot dog dance. It's ... mesmerizing.

I dare you not to love it.

Today's Pic: Nature has been awfully busy in my neighborhood this spring. I usually don't notice it because I am at the office during day light hours. It was nice to take lunch time walks with my wife and photograph all the cool spring colors!!


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