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Working in Isolation Diary - Day 37 : Writer's Block

Dear Diary: I am a terrible writer, and a lazy one too! I was hoping to use this time at home self-isolating to do two things: lose weight and write my sci-fi adventure.

I've lost a couple of pounds so far (even with all the jelly beans) but the writing part alludes me. I used to love drawing comic strips as a kid for my friends, but sadly I gave up a pursuit of literary and artistic perfection for a job behind a computer.

Flash forward a few decades and the old itch came back. I picked up a Surface Pro to rekindle my hobby. With digital pen in hand I sketched out my first robot, and started post my creations to a new web site. These were just random sketches with a blurb/ story to describe the scene. My wife called them postcards from around the Galaxy which i why I called the site The Galaxy Tonight. Anyway, that first robot sketch, Pizza Robot Rampage, can be found here.

The drawings and stories were definitely geared towards kids, but it's good for all ages.

The site never really took off but I keep plugging away. Anyway, there was one sketch/story that I really liked : Midnight Mayhem at Bob's Robo-Repair!

I thought this little sketch about a robot repair shop in the Manhattan's West Village showed potential for a full-on book, so I've been scribbling away ideas for the past year. Finally, when I was forced to self-isolate at home I was determined to make the most of it and work on my story. Unfortunately I'm stuck. There are more distractions now than before the corona virus!!!!

So here is the link to my site, The Galaxy Tonight ... tell me if you, your kids, or your grand kids like any of these. I could really use some motivation right now.

Today's Pics: More photos from Beach Bar Bicikleta on the island of Ugljan, Croatia.

Today's Video: This is for Astrid and Ginnie, two world travelers who had their Croatia trip skunked because of this damn pandemic!

It's hard to find any good videos about our little island of Ugljan, but then I came across this ... enjoy kids!


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