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Working in Isolation Diary - Day 32 : Relax

Dear Diary: I have been trying to avoid reading the news lately because lets face it, its depressing and there's nothing we can do. Instead we're reading (books) and watching as much good TV as we can, like Star Trek Picard and Star Trek Discovery (holy crap it's good). And I also know that there is only so much TV we can take! We all just want to throw open our doors at the slightest hint of good news, but I must offer this advice:

When you're feeling antsy and you just want to visit the local pub ... relax, don't do it.

When you feel like now is a good time to visit Italy because airline tickets are dirt cheap ... relax, don't do it.

If you're living alone and desperate enough to see that new potential love interest from Match.com ... relax, don't do it.

So let's recap, in the immortal words of Frank Goes to Hollywood :

Today's Pic: Yours truly working from home taking my usual corona-virus precautions ... too much?

Today's Song: Frankie Goes To Hollywood of course ... RELAX!


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