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Working in Isolation Diary - Day 23 : The Speakeasy

Dear Diary: Last night I broke out of quarantine to get a proper drink of coffee.

The corona virus has taken a toll on our local caffeine drinking community. It has been weeks since they had visited a Starbucks or a Dunkin Donuts, and in recent days many twitchy java addicts could be seen wandering the streets looking for a hit of the old roasted bean.

For days rumors of an all night coffee speakeasy had begun circulating up and down my block. I needed to find out for myself. At midnight I grabbed my Humphrey Bogart raincoat and hat, kissed my wife goodbye, and said "here's looking at you, kid" as I disappeared into the fog. I stayed to the shadows, ducking behind trees and shrubs, hoping not to be seen by the local gendarme. I searched for hours to no avail, until I saw my neighbor emerge from a back alley.

At that moment I knew I had found it. A waft of steam rose from a cup he lovingly gripped in his hands.

I cautiously approached, careful to keep my presence a secret until he left. I walked down the alley until I saw a tiny coffee bean dangling from a string over a dimly lit door. I pushed the door open and like Indiana Jones, I descended a mysterious flight of stairs into darkness, which in reality turned out to be the basement of my local bodega!

The heavenly smell of roasted beans filled my nostrils, guiding me through the dark labyrinth of passages until I saw a light.

Little did I know my adventure had just begun.

An individual in a hazmat suit instructed me to strip down and place my clothes in a laundry bag. I was then taken to a room where I was power-washed, scrubbed with a broom and dried off.

Shivering and confused, I was then taken to a broom closet where I waited naked for forty minutes.

Finally the door opened, my clothes returned and I was set free.

I was then guided to my final destination ... the coffee bar!

From the vast menu I ordered a grande raspberry mocha ... with whip cream!

Minutes later I emerged onto the street cupping my glorious coffee drink. The cost for my adventure: $5 for the coffee, $8 for the bath, and $20 for my laundered clothes.

It was worth every penny.

Today's Photo: A cafe on the island of Ugljan, Croatia.

Today's Video: Your cozy morning cup of coffee music video from All Saints.


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