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Working in Isolation Diary - Day 20

Dear Diary: I am watching too much TV during this corona-virus lock-down. By day I work at my little desk but at night we have nothing to do but watch TV. I should be exercising. I should be outside enjoying the wonders of spring except we're watching spring bloom from the front window. I promised my wife I'd lose 15 pounds before June, but between you and me, I may not make it! :-(

Unfortunately, TV is awesome these days! Between Picard, Project Bluebook, Poirot, Foyle's War, History Buffs on YouTube, and reruns of 30 Rock how am I expected to lose weight? And how come no one told me about Coupling and Black Books ?

My friends think I've turned into an old British pensioner sitting around watching murder mysteries, but I think they're barmy!

On the plus side, we have finally finished watching every episodes of Father Brown on Netflix before those wankers dropped the show. Six season binged in 32 days! On to season 7 on Amazon!

Today's Pic : The little village of Poljana on Ugljan Island, Croatia.

Video Pick of the Day: Check out this new YouTube photography channel, which I am sure all of you will love! Most of the locations are from the Isle of Skye in Scotland.


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