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View from a graveyard

A misty horizon and a silver sunset, all from a hilltop graveyard. Not a bad view, yes?

If you had to choose a place to be buried where would do you want to hang out for eternity? A lonely hilltop? Under a tree? Personally, I love to travel, so why wouldn't I want to continue that in the great beyond? Located on a spit of land just off the coast of Croatia sits the island of Primosten, which has one of the coolest graveyards around. Assuming we do exist as spirits after we pass on, wouldn't it be nice to continue meeting new people? I'm sure the locals would still be colorful and who knows, the wine may even be better! Only one question, would there still be a language barrier in the after life? That could be a problem.

So what prompted this morbid topic? I was feeling mortal today. I was at the Jersey shore, swimming in the ocean and got a bit woozy. It was a bit of a struggle to get back to land. I felt better after I sat in my beach chair, but that was a long 10 minutes of terror.


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