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The photo blog strikes back! (Part 1)

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

( Maybe )

1999 : Turks and Caicose and my old Fuji Film Camera

Here we go again ... the return of my photo blog! Cue the fireworks!

The original CrashRyan.com launched in 1997 and ended in 2015, not with a bang but with silence (not even a whimper). Photography is not my job, just my hobby. I am a tech guy so I coded the first version of CrashRyan myself in straight HTML and it was a learning experience. I was a novice at web programming so it was a bare bones site. Just a photo, some text, and a primitive page-linking method. It had no commenting section, nor any way of tracking visitors. Every week I posted a new photo and wondered if anyone was visiting my obscure corner of the web.

Back then we didn't call our sites "blogs". Silicon Valley hadn't labeled us yet, so we simply called ourselves "photography sites". It was the 90's! The internet still felt new and discovering a fellow amateur photographer on the World Wide Web was like finding a message in a bottle.

When version 2.0 of CrashRyan came along it had two new features; a comment section and a stat counter! For days I nervously waited for the counter to tick upwards. Did I insert the code in correctly? Did anyone know I actually existed? Was I really on the web?

When the ticker finally registered a new visitor, I didn't believe it. It must've been a fluke. A few more days would pass before I received my first comment of support. Wow! I had made contact! My cheesy grainy, analog photo from Turks and Caicose was good enough for a comment. It felt good. In those early days, we didn't just "like" a photo and then disappear into the ether. No, we actually took the time to comment on each others work, support one another, and over the years watched skills evolve.

The early 2000's was a good time for photo blogging, and along the way you discovered new people, B&H, and new gear. And let's be honest, it was always the gear that got us excited, especially DIGITAL! At age 35, I purchased my first digital camera, a Canon point and shoot, just before I had major surgery. The hospital was intense, and I won't go into details, but I wasn't able to leave the house, which meant walking to the local film developer was out of the question. So I bought a digital camera and photographed family and friends during those crappy three months.

... to be continued.


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