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My guide to Ugljan, Croatia : 2019 edition

View of Preko and Jaz beach from St. Michaels Fortress

Welcome to my 2019 guide of Ugljan, Croatia! Hopefully you'll find something of interest on this page. You will notice it is broken down by village:

  • Ceprljanda

  • Preko

  • Ugljan Village

  • Kukljica

  • Muline

  • and Pasman Village on Pasman Island

And don't forget to watch the video at the end of this page!

Ceprljanda - Nightlife ( and Day Life )

Beach Bar Bicikleta in Ceprljanda

It's no secret that I fell in love with this place the moment it opened in 2018. They have the best smoothies on the island. Stop by for drinks, swimming and the occasional live music.

Map of Ceprljanda area

Preko - Swimming

Mareta Bar in Preko

This swimming spot has a fantastic view of both the mainland and the little island with the Franciscan Monastery of St. Paul The Hermit. You can easily swim to the island and walk around it's perimeter. If you want to visit the Monastery itself, you can't do it in a swimsuit!! You must be fully dressed! You can take the row boat across, courtesy of the old man who's name still remains a mystery.

Mareta Bar (left side of pic) serves only drinks and ice cream. Sorry, no food! But no worries, just walk down to Restaurant Gajo.

The new Aqua Park in Preko!

If you have a child with good swimming skills, walk down the block to the Aqua Park.

Jaz Beach in Preko

Just a short walk from Mareta Bar is Jaz Beach. This spot is ideal for people with small kids. The water is shallow and they have a fun water slide on the pier. If you get hungry, then stop by Restaurant Gajo. They also have a great ice cream selection. This year we tried something new: "black vanilla".

Preko - Eating

Restaraunt Roko in Preko

There are a number of good places to eat in Preko, but my favorites are:

Konoba Roko

  • Great menu selection. Right next door to the marina.

Restaurant Gajo

  • One of the best places on the island for pizza! It's hard for me to determine who is better, this place of Ciao Ciao in Kukljica. I think I will need more samples :-)

Map of Preko area

Preko - Hiking up to St. Michael's Fortress

If you're a good hiker and don't mind the sun, take a walk up the hill to St. Michael's Fortress. Personally, I would take the car! Just park it where the road gets really wide and looks like a tiny parking lot. After that, you can walk the rest of the way.

Driving is NOT easy and not for the faint of heart. I once drove all the way to the Fortress itself and immediately realized what a dumb move it was. The road is narrow, it's hard to turn around, and the cliffs steep.

Ugljan Village - Swimming

The Mostir in Ugljan Village

This is where you'll find me most of the time since I live nearby. The water is shallow and calm, which is great because I am a terrible swimmer.

When you get hungry, stop by Mareta Pizza (not to be confused with Mareta Bar in Preko).

Ugljan Village - Eating

Konoba Ardura in Ugljan Village.

In the last few years, the restaurants in Ugljan Village have really upped their game.

Restaurant Ardura

  • This place opened in 2018 and quickly became a favorite for the ambiance and the food.

Konoba Ugljan


  • A rustic favorite for islanders since I believe they are open all year long and they have one of the most creative menus around. Just check out their Instagram feed!

Restaurant Apollo

  • This place is tucked away behind Bure market, and is another popular place for islanders.

Ugljan Village - Nightlife


  • When you've had enough of swimming, go relax under an umbrella at beautiful Ritam for drinks and cappuccinos. Pool tables for the kids and beer for the parents! You can also swim here and they offer some fast food items like burgers.

Ugljan Village Center

  • By day there is a small outdoor food market, and by night, there are a few stands selling snacks and souvenirs.

Map of Mostir area

Kukljica - Swimming

Holiday Park Zelena Punta in Kukljica

Kukljica is popular with visitors and the holiday camp has been there for decades! Like most beaches on the island, there is a pizza cafe a few steps away.

Kukljica - Eating

Ciao Ciao

  • One of the friendliest places to eat. Awesome pizza too! It has a nice view of the bay and is one of the first places we visit when we arrive. Don't forget to say "Ciao Ciao" to your waiter when you leave!

Taverna Porat

  • Great menu!

Kukljica - Nightlife

The Y Bar

  • This year something new opened up in Kukljica; the Y Bar! We were thrilled to sit in a hammock and listen to live music.

Map of Kukljica area

Muline - Eating

Kazot in Muline.

Kazot on the pier

  • There is only one place I want to be at sunset, Kazot, which has become a family favorite. This is the ONLY restaurant my dad eats at. The owner is a distant relative so my dad spends half the night chatting his ear off. The view of the ocean is fantastic and the sunsets unforgettable. If you're coming by boat, you can tie up at the dock. Or, if you choose to anchor in the bay, the owner's son will ferry you to shore in his runabout.

Dido Sime

  • I have never eaten here, but there is always a good crowd here. Great views of the bay and the tiny boats bobbing on the ocean.

Muline - Sunsets!

There is no batter place to view sunsets than in Muline.

Map of Muline area

Pasman Village on Pasman Island - Shopping

If you need a little time away from the beach, take a scenic drive over the bridge that connects Ugland to Pasman Island. Near the south end of the island is Pasman Village, which has a couple of nice shops we recently discovered. The family owned shops are next to each other, just across the street from the ocean, so bring your bathing suit anyway!

Matulic OPG

Hot sauce, balsamic vinegar, creams and ointments.

OPG Maderic

Family made wine, hand made jewelry, creams and ointments.

Maps of Pasman Village area

And finally ... the video!

That's it ... the end!

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