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NYC: Canon 5DII Tamrom 70-300mm USD

Another shot taken with my newly purchased Tamron SP 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di VC USD. Tamron really needs to give their lenses better/shorter names. How about "Viper Lens"? Or "Excellent!!!" series lens? For a $313 used lens, I think I got a bargain. Is it Canon sharp? Maybe not as good, but that one would've set me back a $200 more. I am very pleased with the new lens!

Now, what's holding me back is the camera. The old Canon 5D Mark II was great in 2008, but now it's really showing its age, even against (gulp) phone cameras.

I was watching this video from Tony Northrup about how many pixels you need for printing, and my wife was like "I WANT BIG PRINTS!"

What does that mean? I was originally considering the 30 megapixel Canon EOS R, but now I think I may need to get something in the 50+ megapixels category. Unfortunately, none of those cameras exist in my budget range. Blurg.

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