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A Multitude of Sci-Fi Ideas Going Nowhere

For those wondering "where the heck are the photographs and what is this childish doodle doing on a photo-blog site", relax, I will post a new photo as soon as I find time from my busy day job as a computer geek.

The artwork above is from my other side project called TheGalaxyTonight, and was inspired by my wife's aunt who lives in California. The web site is a collection of my sci-fi artwork accompanied by a brief caption or story.

The project is fun to do, but I quickly realized continually doing one offs was limiting. I have all these pent up, grand stories to tell, but unfortunately I have no time to do it. So alas my sci-fi career is in limbo.

A Tale of Two Writers

In order to get motivated again I've been having weekly meetings with my wife's cousin who is in the same boat. He was trying to breathe new life in his project, Billy Billy Spaceman, the story of an adventurer getting into all sorts of trouble.

While I do drawings, my buddy Mike went the Wallace and Gromit route and did claymation.

( PS : A new Wallace and Gromit movie is in the works! Sadly without the late, great Peter Sallis. )

He managed to put out a book that you could find on Amazon. In addition, he's trying to hand at animation!

I'm glad one of us is moving forward. Below are two of his video creations!

As for me, I've been working on a new story for the last four months, but I suspect it will take another year to complete. In the meantime, I'll still venture outside my office cubicle for a little photography.


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