"Professional" amateur photographer from the New York City/New Jersey area.


Is there really anything more to say?   That sentence pretty much sums up my life and this web site, but if you need more details and insight please continue reading the rest of this page.

Also, if you find any of this interesting, please leave a comment of support and come back again. 


Well, frankly, photography has always been a hobby for me, although I did have grand delusions of success in my younger days.  Luckily for me I have a day job that pays the bills and I can continue to enjoy my hobby.  Should I actually sell a photo one day, I would shit my pants.  Seriously, I shoot with an ancient Canon 5D Mark II and a few point and shoots.   



My buddy suggested I start a photography web site back in 1997, which now seems like an eternity ago.   Back then Austin Powers was playing in theaters and Smash Mouth's "Walking on the Sun" was the most played song on the radio. 


This was never a popular site, but I'm proud to say I was there in the beginning, and along the way met some nice and interesting people.  That version of CrashRyan.com lasted until 2015.  Fast forward to 2019 and some are wondering why in the age of Instagram/Facebook I would restart this all over again.  Morbid curiosity perhaps?    Could I attract a new audience?  The new CrashRyan is a fresh start where my photo postings will have more of a story approach.   


My alias of course!  The title of this web site comes from two of my favorite movie characters.  The only clues I will give are these lines : 

  • "The rose goes in the front, big guy"

  • "Things down here don't react well to bullets"

Only recently did I find out that "CrashRyan" was also comic book from the 80's.   I never read it but there were ads for it on the back of my Marvel comics.   I had completely forgotten about it until I picked up an old comic book and saw the ad.   That guy needs to have his own movie, akin to "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow".   


Finally, for those who have no idea who Smash Mouth is ... for shame!



​© 2019 by the guy running this site ... these are my photographs

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